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Would the kid would come out with a funny accent and dry sense of humor?!

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Driven by hidden needs, du Pont sees backing Schultz's bid for Gold and the chance to "coach" a world-class wrestling team as an opportunity to gain the elusive respect of his peers and, more importantly, his disapproving mother (Vanessa Redgrave).

Trapped in du Pont's majestic but suffocating world, Mark comes to see his benefactor as an ... See more » Foxcatcher tells the fateful story of John Du Pont and the Olympic winning Schultz brothers.

They might be sleeping in each other's beds, but Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller are NOT bang budz!! While the glorious godlike returns the favor, so he's letting Seinnabunz and her fiancé Tom Sturridge stay in his fancy-schmancy NYC apartment while they're stateside!! Channing and Sienna became bestiez while filming the first and it looks like their fabulous friendship really has it's perks!!

We wonder if Jenna's baby-filled belly might pop while the couple is still living in the land of bangers and mash?!

I’m getting hair and makeup done and an hour goes by and the production assistants go, ‘We can’t find Channing.

kinds of benefits, pervs — Tater Tatums is a happily married man and soon to be Daddy!Dave serves as this mediator in between Mark and Du Pont especially when their relationship starts becoming more and more intense and violent.The rest of the cast featuring Vannessa Redgrave and Anthony Michael Hall also turn in very sound and great performances as well.Tatum completely drowns into his character, leading him to turn in a vicious, unapologetic performance that is so perfectly executed that you will soon forget that this is Channing Tatum. It is the best performance that Tatum has given in his career and stands to grab a possible Best Suppoting Actor nod at this year's Oscars.The voice of reason for both Mark and Du Pont lies in Dave Schultz, played brilliantly by Mark Ruffalo.The whole cast has been globe-trotting from Australia to Europe as they show off their film, and there's still more than a week to go before it hits screens here on August 7.