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So I let all the inmates go in and stop the officer and told him the problem .

About two or three Mexicans pushed me in to a cell and started slapping me and threatend to brutally beat me up if I didnt do what they said or if I snictched. But as they call it here in prision these prisioners seem to have put a jacket on me that seems to follow me from prision to prision. And so what happend to me they first time has seemed to follow me from pod to pod or prision to prision . And I saw my attacker again not too long after I tolded on him. The only time there is really a group of people doing the actual rape is when the victim is fighting back and then they will beat him up and hold him down and rape him, but that is rare. B., Texas, 10/23/96 When they have a punk or a kid that they've turned out they treat them like trophies it makes them feel important or somebody with status! This is accomplished by him having two or three of his friends stop down on the prisoner of his choice in a strong manner as if to fight or beat up this prisoner. As far as crimes that don't fit it, usually are rapist, molesters, there looked upon with disdain and often find it rather hard to survive, once it's clearly established that they wasn't falsely accused, this has been a big problem. The power structure here is based on strength, reputation, and sheer extreme violence. They are also commonly referred to as "fuck-boys," since it's usually their sex that they are used for. In essence, "respect" is the ultimate key to survival in prison life. H., Utah, 10/22/96 Most of the assults are done through threat of violence. He said Im locking you up for assult with a weapon. My behavior changed to such cold heartedness that I resented anyone who found reason to smile, to laugh, and to be happy. E., Vermont, 10/26/96 (he later committed rape himself) During my time in prison, I have seen 19 violent rapes. The ones who get raped here are mostly the weaker prey, or someone who's in debt, or looking protection from someone else. Lots of new guys dont know any better, but once you accept a ride, you can never be a man again. On Ferguson you can win back your manhood (provided you were never sexually assaulted) by a number of fights. H., Texas, 10/28/96 Gays are targeted as are meek, mild-mannered individuals. I am mostly scared of what I might do when I get out of here. To "turn-out" someone is to either get them to consent to sex, or to rape them. He told his homeboy about what was going on and he's homeboy said he was going to protect me also but I had to pay . When I refused, he told [C] to put me in the holding cage. He kept telling me to put the cuffs on, but I refused, because of the risk. They put the handcuffs on and by that time I looked up and a officer had a camera. My cellie's homeboy that said he would protect me he came over to my cell when they ran rec.

He said for me to return to my cell and stand up and fight, because this was prison; if I didnt he would get a team and drag my ass back to my house. [P] put the handcuffs in my face and said that he was gonna get the camera after he fucked me up. Stunned me to the floor and began punching me in my head and kicking me in my ribs. When they put me back in my cell, I was crying for what they done.

You can buy a kid for 20 or 30 dollars on most wings!! His roll is to step in just before the act gets physical. At age 16, they are just thrown to the wolves, so to speak, in population. Case in point: One of the victims I know was raped at knife point by his cell partner the third night after his arrival at the prison. But here in maximum, as I stated above, it comes down to raw brutality. O., Utah, 2/18/97 It is my observation that the most likely to be raped is the young kid new to prison who is not hip to the components of this ugly machine. This includes those prisoners who are serving life sentences and life without possibility of parole, as well as the older prisoners who have spent a majority of life in prison. These people usually become victims of sexual abuses by other prisoners to experience what they put their victims through.

So I recieved the same thing the rapist did, it doesnt make any sence. B., Texas, 10/23/96 When I came out of prison, I remember thinking that others knew I had been raped just by looking at me. They do and the "Savior" tells the guy he'd be better off to get a ride. and he said that he would protect me from [inmates who had threatened me] but I had to pay, if I didnt he would let them get me plus he would.

The first time [I was raped] I told on my attackers. The actual assult is mainly done by one person but the victim knows if he defies that one person then 10 to 15 other people will jump on him when he goes somewhere. I hear about rapes off and on, most are not known and not reported, cause most of them take place behind closed doors. The general assumption is that since we are gay, we don't mind being raped, The staff pretty much thinks the same thing. E., Illinois, 10/28/96 The theory is that you are not gay or bisexual as long as YOU yourself do not allow another man to stick his penis into your mouth or anal passage. E., Illinois, 10/28/96 After all it is better to have one person that you give sexual favors than it would be to have to be forced to do the act by two or more prisoners at the same time. H., Florida, 10/29/96 Prisoners pay close attention to their fellow prisoners. Very Suicidal - I just mean that I wish that I was dead at times and most of the times. B., Washington, 1/19/97 I do believe that there is a lot of coercion that is forced on inmates and these incidents are not turned in by the inmates who are raped or assaulted. The result of "turning out" a kid is that the kid usually finds a "dad"an older strong inmate to take care of him and to protect him from any future attacks.

All they did was moved me from one facility to another. Most of the time the victim doesnt even fight because he's scared. If a vicitim is scared enough, he may never tell what happen to him, it depends on what the victim is focused on, like embarrassment, shame, escape, pain, aids, suicide, or living with a scar the rest of his life as a homosexual or bisexual, not letting go of the abuse in there minds. If you do the sticking, you can still consider yourself to be a macho man/heterosexual, according to their theory. [One technique to force a prisoner into sex is that] one of the bad guys will set up a power play. Sometimes I fell that it was my fault and it drives me crazy to think about it . They are afraid of retaliation from both the inmates, and the prison system. B., Washington, 2/11/97 The word "punk" has several meanings, it could mean a coward or a homosexual; "Queen" is a homosexual that dresses in drag and often looks like a woman; "Turn out" is also a homo that was turned into a homo, by being coerced; the word "Boy" is another way of saying my partner friend, etc. She wears make-up smuggled into the facility, or made by crushing up colored pencils etc. He is called a "boy." A boy is a nicer term for punk, so those terms overlap. O., Utah, 2/18/97 It is different here in maximum security as opposed to population in medium or minimum. A boy is someone who really has no place and is just used for whatever he has to offer.

They thrive on the status they couldnt get in the free world. This usually puts the choosen prisoner in great fear of those type guys. The relationship between a so-called Queen, and Man, are basically the same relationship between a male and a female, relations on the street. If your a tough convict and will poke an eye out or stab someone on the drop of a hat then you won't be bothered unless you owe drug money or something. If you have drugs and connections meaning "back-up," then your pretty powerful. A "turn-out" is someone who may or may not actually be gay, but they never had a homosexual experience outside of prison.