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“The fact that the country has no blood bank, and that we have seen patients dying because of loss of blood - including children, pregnant women, and gunshot patients - we have decided to stand up and ask our people to donate,” she told VOA.

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Najma Ali Moalim is another young doctor in the group.

She was among the first medical workers to arrive at the site of the bombing.

Religious leaders and health officials are also using information campaigns to tell Somalis there are no religious restrictions on giving blood.

In addition to their work on blood donations, the doctors' group is supporting another social media campaign that is raising money for families of bombing victims.

They also launched a social media campaign, including a Facebook page, to seek out new donors.

Omar Habeeb completed medical school at Benadir University in Mogadishu.

She says blood is the most valuable thing a person can donate.

“And for me it means saving a life, saving the life of a brother or sister,” Jama said.

More than 1 million customers in 138 countries already rely on our infrastructures.

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