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Former Members: Albert Bouchard Joe Bouchard Chuck Bürgi Rick Downey Allen Lanier John Miceli John O'Reilly Al Pitrelli Ron Riddle Jon Rogers Bobby Rondinelli Rudy Sarzo Greg Smith Kasim Sulton Jimmy Wilcox Tommy Zvonchek Al Pitrelli joined BÖC as a "temp" in February of 1999, to fill in for a brief absence taken by Allen Lanier.

Pitrelli got the call from his good friend, Danny Miranda, and jumped into BÖC with no rehearsal, filling in for a month and a half.

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“ Back then everybody cut their teeth in the bars.From 1975 to 1982 the tri-State club scene was the place to be.We got together and did a mix of Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Bad Company, Robin Trower, Pat Travers, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer – all the cool stuff.Then we’d go from Rock to Motown – Tommy would do some Stevie Wonder and early soul stuff. That’s why I got him in TSO, his voice is the perfect fit.” “ Years went by and we learned how to play in time and in tune and think on the fly.I went off to college for a couple semesters, came home and got a gig with Michael Bolton.

This was when Bolton was more like Sammy Hagar and less like Engelbert Humperdinck.

Expose was in ‘92, Taylor Dayne in ’92 and ’93 - then I started working with Asia, no female lead in that band.

I did a couple records and a couple tours over five years with them.

“ He’s a guinea from Jersey and I’m a guinea from New York,” says Pitrelli with a laugh. Historically it was Paul Rodgers starting out with Free then moving to Bad Company.

The two started writing together and developed a working relationship that has lasted nearly 15 years and half a dozen records. Then came Steve Marriott with Humble Pie, Lou Gramm (Foreigner) and Joe Lynn Turner - white guys that sang like old black men.” Pitrelli also has a knack for working with top female singers.

Bruce Kulick was playing for him and when he joined Kiss I stepped in.